The all new Hyper Naked Yamaha MT 15 The Dark Warrior

The all new Hyper Naked Yamaha  MT 15 The Dark Warrior

The technologically advanced Hyper Naked & dynamic bike of the Yamaha MT clan , Yamaha MT 15 agile handling, wide handle position and ultra light weight of 138Kgs leaves the rider with an unimaginable riding experience.

It’s intimidating Bi Functional LED headlight, the aggressively styled MT-15 demands attention and is built to inspire today’s generation of thrill seeking riders like no other bike in it’s class.

Evolution of MT DNA

The Evolution of MT DNA revolves around the concept of Mass Concentration that brings in Agility and an uncompromising hyper naked style!

Bi Functional LED headlight, Chin down face design merging with the upright forks gives it a beast like stance and stare the MT series is known for. The muscular spherical tank wears armor-like plastic resin. The short rising tail, the front winglets, radiator side fins and the upright sitting position gives it an agile riding experience. Now that’s how a true Dark Warrior looks like.

The Performance Machine

155cc Liquid Cooled 4V SOHC FI Engine

This dark warrior generates an impressive 19.3PS at 10,000 RPM and 14.7 N.m @ 8500 RPM while it’s Variable Valve Actuation monitors the rider’s style to improve performance.

The Hyper Naked performance with VVA delivers 0 – 60km/h in just 3.78 secs, the fastest in it’s class!

Variable Valve Actuation (VVA)

This is the first ever high-performance VVA system that provides torque for ease of use even at low RPM. There are two intake valve cams: one for high rpm and another for low- to mid-range rpm. They switch between each other at the 7,400 rpm mark to ensure good power and torque is present throughout the entire rev range.

Assist & Slipper Clutch

An A&S (assist and slipper) clutch is adopted to reduce the weight of the clutch pull and provide low-stress shifting during deceleration. The A&S helps to reduce fatigue for the rider. The MT 15 also prevents excessive engine braking, thus reducing it’s effects on chassis behavior. The A&S clutch makes for smooth, enjoyable downshifts.

6 Speed Transmission

Now shift gears without worrying about economy. The MT 15 6-speed transmission allows to cruise at low RPM even in higher gears, thus saving fuel without missing on the thrill.

Single Channel ABS

Front Disc with Bosch Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) helps in achieving improved braking performance by providing better stability and control at all speeds without any wheel lockups and skidding even in slippery conditions. Rear Disc brake augments more quality to the MT Legacy.

Bi Functional LED Headlights

Take on the darkest streets with confidence and enjoy enhanced night vision with Bi Functional LED headlight.

Hi and low beam has been integrated into one single compact unit which makes it technically advanced and a first it’s category. MT-15’s uniqueness comprises of the stylish, compact headlight to realize the MT design.

Negative LCD Display with Gear Shift Indication

The LCD instrument cluster panel has a black background and white lettering. Digital speedometer, bar-style tachometer above, and a fuel gauge are constantly displayed, along with ABS warning lamp while the odometer, Trip 1, Trip 2, F Trip, clock and others can be selected for display.

It’s multifunction negative instrument cluster with gear shift light indicator, VVA indicator, mileage indicator and a USB charging port stands out even in the darkest corner of the city.

Deltabox Frame

The new Yamaha MT 15 adopts a new Deltabox frame with superb rigidity balance. With a Deltabox frame, the top and bottom of the head pipe and the pivot points form a triangle, hence the “Deltabox” gives it excellent rigidity balance.

Raised LED Tail Light

The raised tail of this dark warrior demands attention with it’s super sleek and edgy LED light slicing through the dark.

Yamaha MT 15 Full Specification

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